A 2018-2020 Action Plan for Our Great Country

Can America afford a blue wave this November?

Absolutely not: A Democratic Party takeover of Congress this year could single-handedly derail much of President Trump’s America First agenda, dampening his re-election prospects. If Democrats take over the house or congress, they have promised to raise taxes-eliminating President Trump’s tax cuts, open the borders, abolish ICE and restore the Obama-inspired regulations and political extremism on Capitol Hill.

Why Red Wave America?

Our organization is run by experienced, committed conservative activists who are NOT based inside the Beltway. We are not a part of The Swamp.  Our activism and perspective means we have a better understanding of the needs of the American people, rather than the Washington establishment’s distorted and myopic viewpoint.

Because we are based outside of Washington, we keep our overhead costs relatively low. We’re not paying massive sums for office rent near the Capitol, huge executive salaries or big contracts for consultants. Our focus is maximizing every donation dollar and using these funds in the districts and states where we will retain and grow the GOP majority.

Who are we targeting and why?

There are about 25 House and Senate seats considered to be extremely competitive that Republicans must defend in order to maintain control over the chamber. For our purposes in 2018, we have chosen state and districts where our resources can have the greatest impact and we will use these resources against Democrat candidates or use these resources to promote conservative candidates who promise to support the America First agenda.  Utilizing current polling data, it has been determined that these are in Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, Montana, Colorado and Pennsylvania. As circumstances change, or opportunities arise, we may alter these targets slightly by adding or removing districts and states.

What is the most effective strategy for accomplishing this?

By carefully targeting key districts through a coordinated media campaign, we will have the greatest impact and will use our resources creatively, efficiently, and effectively.  Billboard ads will comprise a primary component of campaign as we have considerable experience with outdoor political advertising and in negotiating with media companies such as Lamar and others.

Online ad targeting is another key element, using geographic restrictions to ensure they are seen only where intended. Radio spots are also effective, particularly on talk stations and we intend to run spots on these outlets. We will adjust our media mix depending on district and observed effectiveness.

Additionally, our 111,000 activists can be utilized to capture and disseminate our campaigns in our targeted states and are an invaluable resource for grass roots activism to turn out voters, assist in viral marketing and general political campaigning.

What does Red Wave America hope to accomplish in 2018 as opposed to 2020?

In 2018, Red Wave America intends to make a targeted impact with the limited resources available to us as we launch this new and exciting effort. The retention and growth of a GOP-controlled congress is our primary goal and motivation.

The main event, of course, will be 2020 when both the re-election of the president and growing congressional support for his America First agenda will consume 100% of our time and resources.

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Who are Red Wave America’s  founders?

Brian Maloney is a longtime political analyst with extensive campaign experience, a frequent Fox News Channel guest and co-founder of the Media Equality Project, a national political organization with over 111,000 members. A conservative radio host for 15 years, Maloney regularly appears on stations across the country.

Megan Barth is a seasoned political activist, writer and analyst. She is the founder and proprietor of ReaganBabe.com, Co-Chair of the Media Equality Project, and a nationally recognized political commentator, regularly appearing on regional and nationally syndicated radio shows across the country. Her Op-Eds have been featured in The Hill, The Daily Caller, The Daily Wire, and many other publications.

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